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Published: 24th May 2011
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Sky Toys is a leading wholesaler of balloons to the private party, eventing and corporate market. We offer a wide variety of balloons of all types, in all colours, designs and shapes, as well as high quality logo and brand silk-screened balloons as an innovative marketing tool for corporate events and fundraisers.

Respected wholesaler of balloons in Johannesburg

We are situated in Mayfair, Johannesburg and have become renowned as a respected wholesaler of balloons since 1990. All of our balloons are imported from Belgium and made from top quality, biodegradable latex, uniform in size and colour and available in a range of over 50 colours, which include pastel, crystal and metallic shades.

Wholesaler of balloons with the widest range

As we are the first port of call wholesaler of balloons in Johannesburg, we have made it our business to continually expand our offerings so that our customers can obtain all of their balloon needs directly from us. As such, aside from standard balloons in an array of colours, our product range includes:

Giant balloons – with a diameter of approximately 1m, our giant balloons are buoyantly eye catching additions to events, launches and exhibitions.

Branded balloons – we use a quality silk-screening process using up to four colours to print your logo, message or any other branding onto each balloon and when inflated your branding remains crisp, clear and undistorted.

Stockprinted balloons – popular with wedding and party planners, we have a range of balloons attractively pre-printed with standard birthday, anniversary, congratulatory and other messages.

Novelty balloons – we are the only wholesaler of balloons to supply balloons shaped in various animal forms, including bunny, clown, elephant and mouse balloons.

As a one stop wholesaler of balloons, you are also able to obtain a wide range of balloon accessories from us, such as balloon clips, helium pumps, ribbons and much more.

Sky Toys, situated in Mayfair, are renowned as the most comprehensive balloon suppliers in Johannesburg. We offer a wide range of balloons for every occasion, from small parties to massive events and even balloon releases to mark any occasion in a special way. In fact, in 2002, we were the balloon suppliers responsible for the 702 AIDS awareness balloon release, where the sky was decorated with 50,000 floating red balloons in order to hit home the point of the campaign, which was a remarkable success.

Balloon suppliers for top blue chip companies

As our name has become synonymous with quality and reliability, we are the preferred balloon suppliers for a number of esteemed South African companies and count big brand names such MTN, 702, ABSA, Total, Virgin Money, ABI, Multichoice and MTV amongst our client list.

Helium gas balloon suppliers

Along with standard balloons, we are also helium balloon suppliers. Helium balloons are foil, lightweight and safe, are able to float and retain their shape for up to eight hours. All of our helium balloons are mounted on cups affixed to special sticks for easy handling, making them the ideal take-home memento for those attending a function or event. We stock a wide range of helium balloons in all shapes and sizes and they are available either with a pre-printed message displaying birthday, wedding, congratulations, get well messages and so on, or they can be branded to display your companies logo, colours and/or message.

Our helium balloons also come in boxes of 48, which are self-inflating and ideal for children’s parties, who land up keeping them for a long time afterwards as a treasured reminder of a good time. Naturally, as helium balloon suppliers, we are also one of the largest stockists of helium cylinders in South Africa, with different sizes of helium gas canisters available for hire for your event.

Source: http://www.skytoys.co.za/balloon-wholesaling/et1-balloon-suppliers.html

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